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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Another summer, another Museumfest! We welcomed 30 guests this year and everyone seemed to have a blast. We gave three VIP museum tours, played some competitive bolo golf (a/k/a Polish Horseshoes, as politically incorrect as that may be), and paddled Lake Rico once again. Thanks to everyone who attended - the food, friendship, and fun was appreciated by all!

Hope you're enjoying summer wherever you are, and if you find any mysterious beer cans, drop me a line!


Blogger Dani B said...


I'm a grad student at UW in Washington state. A professor of mine was waxing poetic about beer the other day, and wondered aloud why beer frequently comes in 6-packs. He said he always wanted to know when and why that decision came about! From my own research thus far, I am sensing that this decision would be post-1935, and possibly be related to the American Can Company, but I'm having a real time figuring out how the "six-pack" came to be. I'm hoping you might know something!! Please do drop me a line, if you get a chance: burhopd [at]

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