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Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday in Blogland

It's hard to think about beer related things on a Monday morning. I tend to think about coffee related things on Mondays. Heavily caffeinated coffee things. Especially with a snowstorm heading in later today. I can't take much more. When will it ever end? If I ever meet Punxatawney Phil I might have to smack him upside the head. Great - now I'll have PETA protesters e-mailing me. Anyway, enjoy your week! I hope you like the blast from the billboard past above - Schlitz cans could usually be found in our fridge growing up. My oldest brother, Scott, helped me to acquire the classic steel 24 oz. "Tall Boy" that stands proudly in the museum to this day. We also have a Schlitz conetop in the cone wing. Cone tops are coveted by most can collectors. There's just something about them....

Cheers from the curator!


Blogger JIM CANNIZZARO said...

Schlitz cans could usually be found in our fridge growing up.

Did they bust out of the top of the refrigerator upon reaching adulthood?

1:24 PM  
Anonymous glass said...

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