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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fox Deluxe

This Fox Deluxe can from the Beer Can Museum is an example of a cone top beer can. Cone tops were not the first beer cans, but they arrived in the marketplace shortly after the first flat top cans were produced in 1935. Brewers that already had bottling equipment were able to modify the machinery slightly in order to put 'crowns' or bottle caps right on the cone topped cans. They are always favorites among collectors, and museum visitors always comment on how they look like brake fluid cans. Cone tops never really caught on with consumers (although they were around for several years) who found them a bit....awkward, especially when attempting to stack them in a fridge or cooler. This particular can, which we found on E-Bay, either faded to an olive drab green color over time, or was possibly provided to troops during the Second World War. If you know more about this can please let me know!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I own one of these in quart size, and it looks pretty similar to the picture, though mine is more faded. Not sure of the story, as I am looking myself for the answer.

LC :C)

8:37 PM  
Blogger lcduplatt said...


I have this can in a quart size, and have always been stymied as to its color. The Fox Deluxe can is not the typical greenish olive drab, though there are beer cans that have this similar hue of olive. It may be from WWII, and that's my best guess. Can you tell me how much it sold for on eBay, and if it was a quart or 12oz size?

Thanks, LC

5:07 AM  
Blogger kevbosnafu said...

LC -

I think I found it on ebay for around 25 dollars a couple years ago.

6:44 PM  

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