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Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday in Blogland

It's hard to think about beer related things on a Monday morning. I tend to think about coffee related things on Mondays. Heavily caffeinated coffee things. Especially with a snowstorm heading in later today. I can't take much more. When will it ever end? If I ever meet Punxatawney Phil I might have to smack him upside the head. Great - now I'll have PETA protesters e-mailing me. Anyway, enjoy your week! I hope you like the blast from the billboard past above - Schlitz cans could usually be found in our fridge growing up. My oldest brother, Scott, helped me to acquire the classic steel 24 oz. "Tall Boy" that stands proudly in the museum to this day. We also have a Schlitz conetop in the cone wing. Cone tops are coveted by most can collectors. There's just something about them....

Cheers from the curator!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Breweriana in film! Happy Oscar Weekend.

Well, I know that one blog reader is particularly excited about this Sunday's Academy Awards. I guess if I include myself I know TWO readers who are excited, since I joined the office Oscar pool. The official museum photographer, Jim Cannizzaro, can tell you every Oscar winner in every category since time began. It's kind of scary, really. Think Dustin Hoffman in 'Rainman.' "Yeah, Best Actor, 1934, definitely Clark Gable for 'It Happened One Night.' DEFINITELY." OK, he's not that bad but his mind has a special place in it reserved for movie facts and figures from throughout history. He should be in pictures. Until he finds himself on the red carpet chatting with Joan Rivers, you can admire some of his photography on the museum website!

In honor of our friend Oscar, I present to you a bit of breweriana from the museum's media library. I actually have this album in the museum due to the appearance of a Lone Star longneck bottle on the jacket. Back in 1978 the Lone Star longneck was a centerpiece in my small but growing collection of beer stuff! Enjoy.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Day 2 in Blogland!

So, I was reading Carl Hiaasen's 'Skinny Dip' this morning and thought I'd found a new 'Beer Cans in Literature' entry! I was getting pretty fired up about it until the character 'twisted off the top' of his Budweiser. That's right, it turned out to be a bottle and not a can. But life goes on. Then I began to imagine what it would be like to have a DVD of my life up until now. How cool would that be? OK, maybe not for some folks, but I'd get a kick out of it. I'd pop in 'A Curator's Life' and click on 'Main Menu'. Then I could choose a year, even a month or a day, and laugh and laugh at the awkward moments of my life. The first thing I'd watch would be a family vacation we took to Miami back in 1979. I remember we were all excited to see the Everglades. We stepped out of our sky-blue rental car and headed into a swampy nature trail. My father was wearing a white golf shirt, and, within seconds, it had turned black. It was COATED with bloodthirsty mosquitoes. I'd watch that scene a couple of times.

Hey, more snow headed our way! Should give me a chance to dust the cans this weekend after I shovel out yet again.

Cheers from the curator!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Beer Can Museum Blog is Here!

Yes, I know you're all overjoyed. You've waited days (minutes?) for this moment. The ETBCM blog is up and running! So much magic, so much joy, so much....breweriana to discuss! The new old coasters from the 50's, the Fred Pope jumbo Japanese donation, the freshly vacuumed carpet in our hallowed halls! Yes museum fans, so much to talk about.

Welcome to the ETBCM blog. To visit the actual museum site just visit but for up to date news on acquisitions and museum curator's musings just stop by the blog. You will get some of the nitty gritty here...which cans were just dipped in oxalic acid (!), who toured the museum during the past week (Mike and Betty), how much can you possibly say about a beer can museum? Well, lots actually.

More to come!

The curator